I want to hear how the state of California is screwing you

I’m a nurse working for an organization that depends on Medi-Cal payments to remain open. Right now, we are all working without a paycheck just to keep things running for our clients, most of whom are indigent or mentally ill. They live in board and care homes, which are also not getting paid right now. Which means
people are coming to us STARVING because their caregivers can’t afford food. I have called my state senator ®, whose representative told me that the senator did not agree that one emergency payment for Medi-Cal was a good idea. Sheesh.
I live in a district that is full of wealthy people, however there is a minority of semi-poor citizens here as well. We all know which group donates to the senator’s re-election fund. So the rest of us are out of luck, I guess. We haven’t paid our food vendor in over a week, and I’m afraid we won’t be able to feed anyone even if we do find a way to stay open.

I am putting together an e-mail for many of the government officials, and I would appreciate hearing about anyone’s experience with this dilemma. In years past, California has taken MONTHS to pass its budget. Do the politicians get paid during all of this? Don’t answer, cuz I already know the truth.