I Want to Hear the National Anthem at Sochi.

I have been watching the Olympics on NBC a little from time to time. I find the competitions interesting, of course. But there is another reason why I watch it. I want them to show the medals ceremony, so I can hear the Star Spangled Banner and see the flag raised. So far they haven’t done it. Or I missed it in any event.

I tried finding it on You Tube, using the search terms “Sochi” and “Star Spangled Banner” all to no avail.

Do any of you have a link you could share that would allow me to see the medals ceremony like this?

Thank you in advance.


Not high quality, but here you go. I knew Davis and White had won gold recently, so I went to YouTube and searched for “Davis White medal ceremony”. Do the same using the names of other athletes who have won gold at Sochi, and you might have better luck; maybe you’ll even find a better quality video.

NBC has some of the medal ceremonies on its website.

I’ve seen it a couple times; they actually use a pretty good performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” when US athletes win gold medals.

Yes, you can barely hear the hidden backward messages saying “Death to the Gay-Loving *Ubljudki *of America!” :wink:

I’ve seen it several times on NBC. It’s usually at the end of the evening broadcast. I’ve seen it for various medals, including gold (which is obviously the only time they play the US anthem).