I want to make some money...so i'm gonna lease to own usernames

Don’t cry…I am gonna lease all the new usernames for this place. I am in the process of making 5000000 names. If you make a new name and it is currently busy…just phone me at 1-800-SKYJACK

I only charge 2.99 a name.

talk to you soon.


Ain’t That America.

Glad I got mine while they were hot.

The phone ain’t exactly ringing off the hook…hmmm.

Time for plan B.

I’m thinking 1-800-BANNING is a better number to call.

skyjack, while IANAM (which, since you haven’t quite obviously haven’t been here long enough means I am not a moderator), allow me to point out two problems with your post:

  1. threatening to create multiple SNs probably isn’t such a good idea. It’s certainly better than actually going ahead and doing it (which is a clear violation of SDMB policy), but only in the same way attempted murder is better than murder.

  2. 1-800-SKYJACK is a single’s chatline. In other words, spam. Most likely unintentional but I’m not willing to make any assumptions at this point.

I thought it was quite funny… but then I have been told off by the moderators two or three times as well when I first came here :slight_smile:

We all gotta get to know the guidelines I gues… lots of ppl here so it gets hard not to annoy anybody.

Chicken of Bristol would be worth a million dollars I bet…
(dont you dare register it!!)


BornDodgy-do you post at SAAN?

Yep. I am a SAANer.

used to be loony - so though I am a “chatterbox junior” again I ve been there for quite a while.