I want to say something nice about Bricker.

Our 17 year old daughter did some work for Bricker. (Graphic arts stuff.)

He paid her what she quoted, plus a very generous tip.

Just thought I would throw that out.

I want to say something nice about Bricker.

I hope you got permission from the Mods before you went and did that. Saying anything nice about Bricker is an insta-bannable offense, I hope you know. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve never had any reason to doubt that Bricker is a good man in real life.

Just because a poster has differing opinions and a sometimes annoying posting style, there’s no reason to think he’s not a mensch. Bricker always seems to argue in good faith and in good will.

You’re very kind to say this!

Especially since I should point out that I made her wait over a month to get paid because I had no paper checks – I had gone natively electronic and was temporarily flummoxed by the need to send money to someone who wasn’t the gas company, Visa, or Amex!

But it all worked out, and since the subject is broached, let me just say that Crafter_Man’s daughter did some absolutely fantastic work, especially since my initial guidance to her was little better than, “I want a cool looking… thing… with, you know, this concept, sorta, and maybe this other concept, sort of mashed together. You know: like you artists do.”

From that moronic pseudo-requirement, she was able to design a really neat logo that I use regularly. So I recommend her and her artistic talents highly. Imagine what she might do with a client that could do more than semi-articulate rambling!



Hey, I always enjoy Bricker’s posts. Anyone who uses good grammar and logical reasoning has my vote even when their conclusions are not what mine might be. (Does posting this mean that I’m going to be looked at with suspicion by mods and posters alike from now on?)

I recall Bricker having a knee-jerk conservative response once or twice, but otherwise he’s been a reasonable and intellectually honest poster as far as I can tell. His brand of conservatism is pretty close to the center also, if he was running for president as a Republican the other candidates would brand him as a liberal.

However, this thread is about something unrelated to politics, and I would say based on his demeanor on the board I’m not the least bit surprised by the events reported in the OP.

Does your bank have a bill pay service? If you use it for just a person with an address they’ll mail out a check on your behalf.

I’ll keep that in mind should the need arise again :slight_smile:

Money orders from the post office will also do in a pinch.

**Bricker **always pays his gambling debts. :smiley:

Bricker let me merge in ahead of him in a long line of traffic.

Bricker once lent me his ruler to get an itch in that one spot on my back I just couldn’t reach.

I once watched Bricker hand Chuck Norris his ass back to him in hand-to-hand unarmed combat.

And all of his posts, excluding quotations, are composed in perfect trochaic hexameter.

Okay, maybe not, but way back when I posted here I appreciated that, disagree with Bricker’s opinion or not, his version of the basic facts was reliable. And he didn’t mind (or at least was polite about) non-lawyers talking about law, as long as I didn’t get too stupid.