I want to see the F-22's!

I am anxious to see our USAF use these new babies in combat, from what I have heard they are fighter jets. Has anyone heard anything about their use in the new developments? Have they been escorting Stealth bombers? I want to see what these bad toys are capable of.

Here is a link for anyone who hasn’t seen these awesome machines. http://www.wired.com/news/conflict/0,2100,47395,00.html

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I don’t think there is even an active wing of F-22s yet. Even if there were/is, they are not required … yet. Current generation US fighters are still extremely capable aircraft.
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Well, off the top of my head, I think, think, that the first “Operational” deliveries were going to be in 2002…Or was it 2005? Well, before the 2010’s, at least.

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I wouldn’t call wondering if an F22 is going to battle an “artistic discipline”. :slight_smile:

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Get your F-22 fix right here:[ul][li]U.S. Air Force[/li][li]Lockheed Martin[/li][li]Boeing[/li][li]F-22 Raptor Team Infonet[/li]Federation of American Scientists - Specs, analysis, photos, and links.[/ul]

We have the assembly line set up at work, but thier not really cranking them out yet. It is kinda neat to go by and see all the fixtures, and at one time they had parts of one built there to ship off to Skunk Works, so I did get to see part of one. And they do have a mock-up sitting outside, but I cant wait to see them rolling off the line like the F-16’s.

I was thinking maybe The B-52’s went through a name change I hadn’t heard about.