I want Tony Blair to be my President

I can’t stand Bush. There’s no bias here - I vote Republican and support his administration. But when the man starts speaking, listening causes an intense psychological reaction, and great effort is required on my part not to change the channel/change the station/leave the room. He’s a terrible speaker. I think we can all agree on that, no matter our political affiliation.

Watching MTV today, I had the pleasure of viewing a program entitled “Is War the Answer?” It featured British Prime Minister Tony Blair answering questions from what was obviously a biased audience, as far as the War question was concerned. It was Tony Blair vs. The World- and he was amazing. The man was put on the spot, and he came up with clear, concise answers time after time. Now, I don’t know if he really is a spectacular speaker, or if he just seems that way when contrasted with Bush- but dammit, I want that man to be my President.

If you get C-SPAN, you might tune in the next time they show a session from the British Parliament. Blair usually has a pretty good quip when the opposition gets really raucous.

Gaijin-- You stole my thunder! I, too, am a rightie who wishes we had Blair, or a Blair. In the Big One we had a Roosevelt to lead (socialist puke that he was domestically), and we need someone of that stature now (not the socialist puke part). I’d trade Bush, a signed Babe Ruth rookie card, and a New England state or two for Blair and, say, an Eno CD.

Well maybe he is, but the problem is, that’s ALL he is!

Time and time again he’s made promises for initiatives that will solve all the problems besetting the UK right now. And time and again he’s failed to deliver. He enjoys strutting on the world stage and he’s loving the limelight at the moment. But he’s hopeless at what should be his first duty - running Britain. You want him - please take him!

he’s even more incredible in person (Speaking as someone who has had the pleasure of briefing/talking to him a couple of times and hopefully will again.)

even my uncle (bricklayer extrordinaire, old labour loyalist and extreme lefty) begrudgingly admits that he’s a damn good Public Speaker. He told me that although he didn’t agree with everything blair did, he admired the guy and enjoyed the fact that for the first time in bloody ages Britain had a PM who:

  1. Could Fluently speak a foreign language.

  2. looked like a real “World Leader”.

  3. Could kick a football around without looking like too much of a twat.

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And say what you like about “the state of our country” but as living standards and economies go - britain is alright at the moment - better than its been for a long time. Yeah we have problems but who doesn’t? Its a difficult job running this country and i can’t see anyone out there at the moment who could do a better job.

I better stop now - don’t want to turn this into a “great debate” :slight_smile:


Would you Republicans really like Blair’s policies, though - gun control, trying to outlaw hunting, socialized medicine (i.e. all the things that I like him for). Having said that, he’s also brought his “socialist” party way right - though you guys might like that. I agree to a certain extent, myself.

I like Blair on a personal level (inasmuchas I can tell from the media). I also think that, though occasionally embarrassingly slimy, he often has the courage of his convictions.

And damn, he’s clever, well-informed, and articulate. Unlike some world leaders I could mention…

However, he has tended to ignore the electorate, and has also marginalised parliamentary debate to an extent.

Ironically, one of the criticisms of his style is that he’s a bit too “presidential” for the UK.

I, too, was very impressed with the MTV show. I’m impressed every time I see the man speak. I was watching a news show a few months ago (can’t remember which one) that had a piece with Bush speaking and answering questions, then a piece with Blair doing the same. The contrast was astounding. Frightening, even. Made Bush look like Forrest Gump. Wait, Forrest Gump had common sense…

Dubya’s pushing for a regime change.

And he’s likely to get one when the Labour Party stops backing Blair on Iraq.

At which point my suggestion would be that Tony should apply for US citizenship and run for Presidential office. The Americans love him, and whereas he’s a devious, arrogant, vacuous authoritarian slimeball, he isn’t as bad as Bush who is a belligerant idiot.

So we’d be rid of him, and the Americans would benefit. Bonus.

Well, Gaijin, the leader of the opposition did accidentally refer to Blair as the President once in Parliament. (I was watching Parliament on CSPAN when it happened & have no idea if it ever hit the British version of the Congressional Record.)

Zorro: Even if Blair does become naturalized as a US citizen, he won’t e eligible for the Presidency unless the Constitution is amended to permit that.

You can have him. I’ll even pay the airfare.

I cannot begin to describe how much I hate the poltroon.

He is a natural tory in trot’s clothing oozing all the sincerity of bob monkhouse on ecstacy whilst presiding over the worst government since the Marquess of Bute.

He has a good public image, but that’s it; he’s a straw man, an avatar. He can’t hold a single principle in that faux-working class,actually ex Fettes head of his.

And kick a football…THis is the shaved chimp who claimed to have watched Jackie Milburn play (which he simply can’t have done).

He’s the political equivelent of tin-foil in your fillings.

(he’s right about Iraq though, which ironically* will destroy him)

*look it up americans :slight_smile:

I have to concur with owlstretchingtime. Blair is certainly a clever, articulate, charming man. He’s an excellent politician. I can think of nothing more damning than that to say about him …

You want him? Take him. (I remember saying much the same about Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, back in the day … )

I certainly wouldn’t mind American having him, after all he seems to care more about what they think of him than us British!
Smarmy git.

I was just hearing on the radio this morning (from a couple of those charities, lobby groups, etc ) that 5000,00 children have been taken away from the definition of ‘poverty’, as have one third of pensioners (who were in also ‘poor’) in the past two years, and how happy those charities were with Blair’s performance. The next item was about the uproar surrounding the new ‘redistributive’ poll tax (broadly from south to north) … very unfashionably socialist.

Then … lowest interest rates for 35 years, highest cash injections ever (in real terms) into the NHS – and sustained year on year, lowest unemployment / highest employment , etc, etc, etc … I’d rather deal in facts than emotional polemics.

Actually, I find it difficult to accept the above views without some kind of yardstick by which to compare this Governments ‘achievements’.

He may be useless, it’s just that no one’s offering any evidence.

500,000. Bollocks.

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A few weeks ago, someone here posted either a link to or a transcript of an interview with Blair given by a notoriously hard-nosed journalist. Blair firmly and articulately defended his position on a particular issue. For the life of me, I can’t remember the issue, the name of the journalist (Jim Something?), or the source, but I want to find that interview. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Paxman vs. Blair - I can’t find the transcript, though here’s a report about the interview.

Yes! Thank you!

Ooh, found the transcript.


One problem with that – the U.S. Constitution says you have to be born in the U.S.A. to be President. The exception was anyone resident as of the time the Constitution was adopted.