I was almost killed a year ago this morning.

I was riding my bicycle to work last year when I was hit by a pick-up truck/horse trailer.
The truck mirror struck my helmet and the fender on the trailer hit me in the thigh,tearing away part of my hamstring and breaking the femur. I was thrown about 20-25 feet with my left shoe landing about 40 ft. beyond that. I crawled back to my bike,collecting my fanny pack and glasses along the way.I am somewhat unsure as to the passage of time but the ambulance and fire trucks seem to arrive very quickly. Until I heard the helicopter approaching,I had not realized how badly hurt I was. I blacked out as the helicopter lifted off(though I found out later I was still awake in the ER) and woke up 2 1/2 weeks later.

I was in the hospital for 2 months, received 89 units of blood,had 7 surgeries and a skin graft. I came home late August and spent the next 6 weeks healing(the skin graft had a few stubborn spots) and trying to regain my strength. I lost 35 lbs. in the hospital and tired very easily. I started pushing myself around the mobile home park in my wheelchair for exercise and by mid December I was up to 3 miles. At that point we received part of the insurance and had a ramp built so I could come and go without my wife’s help. I also returned to the gym and started lifting and working on the rowing machine.

In March,I was regained a small amount of movement in my foot and had surgery on my Achilles tendon and was in a cast for three months. I started riding a handcycle in April and am doing 80-90 miles/week with my longest ride being 35 miles(at this point).

1 year post accident,there is still a great deal of nerve damage still to heal(if it does),I use a walker around the house and for(very) short walks,a wheelchair for longer or if I’m carrying something. I can bear a small amount of weight on the leg but have little real function,. I can move the leg and I have a limited range of motion in the knee but the muscles are very weak with a low level of nerve impulse conduction.

Wow, you’ve really been through an awful time, runner pat. I hope you eventually will be back to 100%, or as close to it as possible.

What a story, Pat… It sounds like you’re still making some progress. Hopefully things will continue to improve. (Everyone out there - go give blood today!) 89 units of blood - yow…

Sounds like you’re one tenacious, courageous lad.

Just curious, but what happened to the driver that hit you? I am glad to hear that you are recovering.

You know, runner pat, I’ve had any number of close calls over the years, and was even forced off the road once by some teenagers who thought they were being hilariously funny. Nothing, in other words, even approaching your ordeal.

I find it astounding and inspiring that you have accomplished so much and are back on the road. I salute you, pat, and encourage you to keep on riding.

I never heard from him(lawyers,probably) but the accident report indicated he would be ticketed for speeding(65 in a 55) and causing an accident.

Thanks all for the words of encouragement.

stands up and gives runner pat a rousing ovation

** runner pat**, I hope you continue on the road to recovery! You’ve come a long way in a year. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m offering a prayer for your continued progress.

:eek: Tough row to hoe.

You’re an inspiration - Charge on!

Good for you, man. I’m so sorry that happened to you, but it sounds like you’re really making a comeback.

You are a ray of hope!

Continue the great success!!!

congrats RP!
Guys like you inspire me to get off my fat healthy ass and back on my bike.
If you and your hand cycle ever get into my neighborhood, I would be honored to ride with you.
Keep up the good work.

Wow. Mad props (as the kids say) to you. May I ask which city you were riding in? I may want to avoid cycling there . . . .

Isn’t it scary how life changes in the blink of an eye?

No one wakes up and says, " Honey…today I am going out for a bike ride and going to get myself fcuked up beyond measure! Ta!"
As someone who’s has a father in law who is paralyzed from the nipples down, (he gets around fine and has issues with bowel programs and getting his socks on, but still…) I am well to aware of what you have gone through and I have the greatest, and I mean this sincerely, the greatest admiration for you fighting and coming back.

It isn’t an easy road and it makes one slow down and appreciate things.

The fact you are back to bike riding confirms you are a crazy man! and a doper!
Do you have a car with hand controls or are you still in the fun world of dealing with the lawyers and settlement issues?

How have you managed financially? What about your job? Has your pet, if you have any, been traumatized by the entire experience or pretty much still looking for food and luv.

Legally, the person that hit you is advised to never contact you. That, alone, was the worst thing for my inlaws whose lives were devastated by being T-boned on their motorcycle in 1991, as one can imagine these things just putting a dent into your personal schedule. It is just the nature of the beast now. Don’t dwell on it or it will consume you.
You deserve everything and more.

You know, I’m just going to stop whining about the petty shit that happens in my life.

Glad to hear you’re hanging in their, runner pat. Hope your recovery continues.

Weird One
I don’t remember where I came across this but less than1/2 of 1% of bicycle/car accidents are overtaking from the rear.

Shirley Ujest
You’re right,I am crazy. Less than a week after I woke in the hospital,I was driving the nurses crazy by removing the EEG leads because they were interfering with doing sit-ups.(It was the drugs,I swear.)
Financially,my wife and I had some money from the sale of our house and we got the insurance settlement in a reasonable time. I also am on State Disability and have applied for SSA.

I don’t have trouble driving,it’s only the left leg involved and I don’t need that for driving.
I was working as a beverage delivery driver and it’s unlikely
I will ever be able to do that again(maybe,there’s always a chance)
Our 3 cats just think the wheelchair is a neat place to sleep. :smiley:

Sit ups?
I’d rather give birth than do sit ups.

runnerpat, I’m glad to hear you made it through all that and are doing so well.

I’m an avid cyclist/runner type and I’ve been hit no less than 3 times by cars and trucks. Never had your type injuries from one tho, luckily. I was most impressed (and happy) to hear that you are back cycling. It’s a great feeling to glide along over the ground.

As another said, if you ever are in my town, lemme know and we’ll do a lap by Lake Mead.