I was away for awhile. Did the subscription thing pan out? Are we rich yet?


Nope. It didn’t work. The Reader went broke and shut us down. This is a figment of your imagination. Seek counciling.

I did! The members of the council, after some debate, proclaimed that my grip on reality was as strong and firm as a pangolin’s tail, and that I was fit to post again… and again.

Well, there were, probably… ain’t gonna look it up…a dozen bannings since they took it public. Nobody was offered a refund if you were tossed, so, that’s clear profit right there, no?

…and my spell check just offered to change BANNINGS to BANANAS.

A dozen bananas? Now I’m hungry!

Some things are best not known to man or animal. But! Everyday face north to Chicago and chant Ceeeecil…Ceeeecil.
Or maybe Ed.
I would like to know how things are going in Cecil land though.

You ain’t no hollaback girl!

The last information on this subject I got from Ed was that we are more or less meeting expenses at least and perhaps even generating a tiny profit for the Reader, so all is well.

It’s not like we are expected to be a huge profit center for the Reader; the tail does not wag the dog, after all, and this board is but a tiny piece of the Chicago Reader Media Empire.

We could always do better, though. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

I have it from good sources on the inside that this is disinformation. Apparently, with the membership revenues exceeding 2.4 billion dollars over the next five years, we buy a time machine in 2010, and at that point go back in time to start up/invest in a company called “Starbucks” back in '71.

And that’s from a source I call “Deep Cup”.

The above is simply scurrilous rumor-mongering, and the wild stories that the mods are now enjoying lives of sybaritic luxury with their every need attended to by fawning servant girls (or boys as the case may be) is pure slander.

Hey, sweetie, could you run “scurrilous” and “sybaritic” through the spellchecker before you submit this post?

Oh, yeah, a little lower–Oh that’s good. Right there.

Astro! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Yes, we have had no bannings
We have had no bannings, today