I was driving by REI and got an email saying they had a package for me

What are the odds of that? I plan to buy lottery tickets. :slight_smile:

REI operates 158 retail stores in 37 states”…

Most of just read the subject and wondered what the hell “REI” is.

I thought REI were pretty well known. They are well known among people who kayak,camp,hike, climb etc. Maybe not well known by city slickers. :slight_smile:

And just a few minutes ago I was driving to a dog training place and they emailed me while I was in the car.

up until recently REI guaranteed every item for life. Now it’s just 1 year. So people said it meant Rent Every Item.

They are well known by all the people I want to know. :slight_smile:

158 stores in 37 states isn’t very much. Having said that, I’m suprised to see that there is one only 11 miles from my zip code (the next two closest, 51 miles and 77 miles.)

REI does very little advertising. Never seen a REI TV ad, they run radio ads now and then, mostly for sales. Mostly they email their 17 million members with ads.


I live in the NW where REI started so they are very well known. I was able to attend a presentation by Jim Whittaker many years ago that was fantastic. At the time, I was big into mountaineering and had the knees to pull it off.

I would have thought so as well. I’ve never been in one, but I know of its existence. Seem to show up quite a bit in crosswords, so maybe that’s why I thought they were pretty well known. I do know one of the malls here (Oakbrook Terrace) has one, so I was familiar with it from that, as well.

That Wikipedia page is slightly out-of-date. Not that it matters much, but they’re in 39 states plus DC, and 161 stores, according to the store map on their website.

they only expanded to east coast in the early 90s. They opened their store here in 92 and Jim Whittaker gave a talk and proceeds went to the local Sierra club chapter. they also mail sales catalogs to members. And for a one time fee of $20 you get around 10% of what you spend back every year. They are a co-op so all the profits go back to the members. I normally get at least $50 back a year. You don’t get the rebate on sale items

The flagship REI store is in downtown Seattle. Other flagship stores are in New York City and Washington DC. They wouldn’t put the stores there if “city slickers” didn’t buy their stuff.

city slickers thing was a joke :slight_smile:

My sister went to Evergreen State (WA) in the 1970’s; when I visited her she took me shopping at the (only) REI store. At that time it was a funky little store with a new ethos for those days: gear for wilderness sports that do not require motors. Believe me, that was a novel concept. My sister led Sierra Club and Outward Bound trips at that time so it was already part of her world. I became a member then, and am to this day.

You might want to consider getting the tracking chip surgically removed.

They are. I don’t know why the first response started this hijack.

It’s like Patagonia or North Face except less hippie than the former and less 20-something white girl than the latter.

their REI branded clothing items are less expensive than Patagonia, North Face, etc. but the quality is about the same.

It’s not so recently; almost 7 years now.
I had a bicycle floor pump that the bushing/o-ring/washer that held the inner tube’s valve stem wore out. I took it out & went to REI to see if they had replacement parts. The long-time, full-time employee stated that they didn’t & I should just warranty it for a new one. Ummm, okay. I went home, got the pump & brought it in; the guy who went to do the exchange was a bit incredulous given it was a number of years old but I was like, “Hey, it’s your cow-orker who suggested I do this when I came in to purchase replacement parts.” Got a new(er) one, which I still have, all for a 50¢ piece.

Why would you be looking at your email while driving?:eek:

That “tracking chip” is the GPS unit plus some (Google?) software in your smart phone. Yes, I know you were joking (and probably the OP was as well), but some people may not realize this is a real phenomenon. We’ve had threads on this before.

Within a retail store, customers can be tracked via Bluetooth (paywall warning).