I was just wonderin...

Is it sick to my stomach or sick at my stomach or neither one? Answer this your stock will go way up in my books and that is important.:rolleyes:

I’ve always said sick to my stomach. So that should settle that. :smiley:

Sick to my stomach!!

I’ve never heard at as sick at my stomach. So I guess another sick to my stomach here.

But it seems that sick AT would denote a location whereas sick TO my stomach just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me anyway. Actually neither one makes much sense. Must be a better way of saying it. I mean these are things we need to know!:o

To your stomach

Yes, don’t question the gods of pointless sayings.

Sick to your stomach can mean: Sick, so sick as to begin roughly where the hard and soft palate meet and to reach all the way into the deepest recesses or the pit of your stomach.

but its definitely TO the stomach and may the pointless saying gods smite all thee who say otherwise!

Now that I think about it…

Sick to your stomach really does make no sense.

Even if it is the correct one.


Is it “I feel nauseous” or “I feel nauseated”?

The latter, I know is grammatically correct, but people look at me funny when I say it, as if I’m being overly formal about being sick.

The former is said by nearly everyone I know. But I get the impression that the literally meaning of “feel nauseaous” is akin to “feel I induce nausea in others”. This, by the way was a pet peeve of my girlfriend in high school, and now I can’t say “nauseous” without thinking about it.


I always go with “my tummy hurts” but if I had to pick, I’d say “sick to my stomach”.

It depends on whether you want to be correct or just understood. Most people know what you mean if you say you feel nauseous. Someday the meanings might be exchanged owing to common usage.

Then “sick in the head” would be “sick to my head” ?

sick of?

sick in?

sick on?

sick 'em?

sick around?

It’s fun!

Let’s just substitute any word we want!

How about “I am feeling sick in the location of my stomach?”

Better yet, “Honey, pull over the car, Im going to experience my breakfast in reverse!”

Thanks, juji_mojo, as I sit here eating my Raisin Bran Crunch . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, what’s worse is when sportscasters describe an athlete’s ability or performance as “sick.”