I wasn't happy, couldn't take it any more and I just quit...

Smoking that is.

Last Sunday night was the last time I smoked a cigarette. I have tried before, but this time it is for keeps. This time, I have absolutely no cravings for the nasty things and no more desire to smoke.

Of course, I am using the patch, but this time they are working.

Just thought I’d share.

Carry on.

Great decision, cheezit. I hope that this time, you’ll be able to stop for good. Good luck to you.

Good luck to you!

Sounds like you will make it fine!

That I was up to over 3 packs a day.

With all the money I’ll save I think I’ll but a new car. But, since I’m not the mathematician that Satan is, I’ll just stick the 7 to 8 bucks a day in the bank and save up for a down payment. :smiley:

Wow Cheezit 3 packs a day!!?? That is a lot!
Good luck quitting, I have heard it’s hard. Just think how much better you will smell. :smiley:

Thank GOD I choose never to get involved with those nasty little coffin-nails… my grandfather (maternal) died of Emphysema, and my grandmother(paternal) died of Lung Disease. My mother used to, and I suspect still does smoke, and my sister has since she was my age (15) because she had an 18 year old boyfriend… (they are still together after 3 years)
back on topic though, I hope that this will work for you, You’ll be in my thoughts.