I watched two similarly themed films in succession without realizing it. (spoilers)

Hows that for an un-catchy title? Anyway…

The theme being - Person has very very unusual circumstances, these are convincing to the audience, then towards the end people suspect mental illness, the audience believes those people are mistaken, then it becomes apparent that the audience has been tricked, and that mental illness is the truth.

Film 1 - K-pax.

Film 2 - Beautiful Mind.

Film 1 - Man claims to be an alien, we are convinced by the fact that psychiatrist becomes convinced, and astronomers are amazed by the knowledge of this person, (“no-one on earth could possibly know this”). eventually the events that triggered the delusion are discovered and it becomes apparent that this man is just in serious denial (but we wonder if he actually was possessed by k-pax)

Film 2 - A brilliant man starts to do well in the field of mathematics. Leaves University. Is talent-spotted by shadowy govornment agent. Becomes a secret decoder of russian messages for the government. Starts to be stalked by (he thinks) russian agents. One day some people catch him. they are psychiatric people. He believes they are russians. We (the audience) suspect they are russians, or that they are psychiatrists who believe there is a problem.

Turns out there is a problem, and that the govornment work/agent were all figments of the imagination. The clue that convinces the subject is “the girl doesn’t age”.

I am tired of typing now. Both excelent films. What made me watch similar films in succession?

Maybe you are actually a character in a movie who thinks he watched two similar movies, and we are all sitting back watching you instead?

OWNED :smiley:

grin :wink:

That would mean I am an actor (nice!).
I love complicated films (especially ones that deal with mental illness)