I went to a wedding!

There seems to be too much doom and gloom around the SDMB at the moment - people dieing, cats dieing, people going into surgery, and so on. So it’s way past time for some positive news!

I went to a wedding on Saturday. A friend I’ve known since she was in nappies. They’ve been together 10 years and decided finally to tie the knot officially.

The bride was beautiful in a slightly off-white dress, the groom passed muster with the ladies - dress was not traditional and I wouldn’t presume to judge. The ceremony was a close, civil, one, not the full Church monty. Lunch afterwards was great and we retired for the reception to a boat and cruised up the Thames, returning in the early evening.

It was a glorious day with sunshine throughout and almost always some breeze; they could not have picked a better day.

G and M, my very best wishes for your new life together. May you both have days of joy, years of happiness, and a lifetime of peace.

Yay weddings!!

Send my congratulations to the happy couple.

I’ve been married three years now and I love love love it!!

Kisses and love to you, PenisBull!

“…although I was dreading,
the thought of losing you.” [with sincere apologies to Patti Page]
Used to enjoy going to family weddings, there were so many when I was younger. Far fewer of them these days. Family reunions are a thing of the past, so there is much less chance of en masse socializing with my many relatives. Unless you count funerals that is. At this rate my one good suit should last forever.

I went to a wedding last week, too, in Mexico City. My cousin got married, and the shindig was fabulous. It also contained the oddest combination of people I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

My cousin is a Mexican, and Jewish. Her groom? A WASPy British guy, whose father is a knight. I’m not kidding! His dad is Sir ____ and his mom is Lady ____. All of us common Americans were a bit wary of one of our own marrying into a family with titles, but the new in-laws are absolutely lovely people. Not at all what we were imagining. A third of the people there were Mexican, a third were British, and a third American. But everyone got together and danced the hora, including the one guy in a kilt. We danced til 4 am!

Because the bride and groom were of different faiths, it was a civil ceremony, but no less beautiful because of that. My cousin looked gorgeous and she and her new husband were absolutely glowing.

I am so happy for them. Weddings are the best!