I went to Chicago!

Just some mundane (to you) stuff to share…

I went to Chicago with my hubbster, my best friend and her sister-in-law this weekend. Sister-in-law had been there before, but none of the rest of us had.

WHAT A COOL CITY! I was shocked at the size. The skyline looks longer than NYC’s, even! Holy gee! We went to the top of the Sears building (tallest in America) and looked around… Amazing.

On Sunday, I ran a 5K - first race I’ve run in over 12 years. I had two goals:

  1. Run the whole way.
  2. Beat 40 minutes.

Well, I did it! Ran the whole way and my time was 32:30. Rockin’ the world, baby! My best friend’s goal was to run the marathon under 3 hours. She missed it, but beat her previous personal best by 50 seconds. 3:06:10 What a woman!

That night there was a private party at the Hard Rock Cafe for runners and their guests. We had a blast drinking free Sam Adams and eating hors d’oeuvres… and toasting the Hell outta ourselves.

Good weekend, all around.

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Hey Canth! My hubby and I were in Chicago this weekend, too (for a conference). We saw part of the marathon, at the finish line at around the 5th hour. Boy, did those people look tired!

Did you see the cows? I loved the cows! The cows were cool! :slight_smile:

Sorry for all the exclamation points. I don’t usually get so worked up about cows.

::stepping back to let everyone take a shot at that last sentence::

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Whew, the 5th hour… We took off as soon as my friend finished, so I missed what I consider to be the “real” marathoners. The ones whose entire families are on the sidelines, screaming and chanting their name… Gives me goosebumps to think about it.

The cows were extra-cool. My favorites were the marathon ones and the one in front of the Sears building with all the currency on it.

My wife and I (and kiddies) used to live in Peoria (150 mi SW of Chicago) and would take occasional trips to the Windy City. We always had a good time – even the time we went to the Brookfield Zoo, up near Cicero. I think we stayed in Al Capone’s old hideout.

Great city. If you get a chance to visit on a weekday, head downtown and watch the city work. Visit the Board of Trade (featured in “Trading Places”). Try to get lunch at a deli when you’re obviously a tourist and there are real working people trying to grab a bite to eat. (Hint: Don’t ask for a menu!)

Congrats, Arya, on your 5K and busting the heck out of your goal! Next year – the marathon! (It’s not that much farther!! LOL!)

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Cool, Canthearya! I to go to Chicago last summer on business. I was born and raised in Atlanta. Atlanta is a big city, but since there are no geographical boundries to hem it in, it is a s-p-r-e-a-d out city. I was awed by the “closeness” of everything in Chicago. I embodied my mind’s-eye concept of a big city, much more than Los Angeles, San Fransisco, or St. Louis.

I did the Sear’s tower, too. Guess it’s a tourist thang.

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These cows are a black eye on my beloved city!

I also am mystified about why people love the cows. They have the same effect as tying a pretty bow around the neck of Rodin’s ‘‘The Thinker.’’

To me, the cows seem superfluous and out of place, and they distract one from Chicago’s inherent beauty (and ugliness).

Or did I completely miss the point?

Omni and Tem, NO YOU DIDN’T MISS THE POINT. I HATE EM! They are annoying to the extreme. And do I really want to slog through another “My Favorite Cow” piece in the newspaper every morning? NO!

For crying out loud, COWS in the middle of the city?

What’s next? A tassle on top of the Sears Tower?