I went to the Drudge Report and I nearly threw up

Top of the page: Ann Coulter’s book is number one on the Amazon bestsellers list, a book in which she eviscerates the left, probably using her normal lies and misrepresentations. I guess this shows lunacy from both sides of the aisle (Michael Moore being the liberal Coulter, or is she the conservative Moore?) sells. Why can’t people read Caro’s LBJ biography, from what I hear an excellent book, instead?

Caro just doesn’t have the legs. Yep. It’s the legs.

Hey, she’s kinda perdy. Does the book have pictures?


Perdy? Gah. Ann Coulter is like some ultra-right, pathologically insane Ally McBeal.

What does it mean when both Moore and Coulter have best-sellers in the same year?

That it’s time to start checking foreheads for the 666 mark of the beast.
(and the Cubs will probably win the World Series)