I will be boycotting the Olympics (but not over Tibet)

I mostly object to the rampant corruption endemic to the Olympics which can pretty much be shown through Where do Jones’ medals go?
That story is about --Controversial Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou has been awarded Marion Jones’ 100m silver medal from the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton. Thanou is a drug cheat.
I also recommend the books of Andrew Jennings - Andrew Jennings

He has written a series of books on hypocrisy, malpractice, greed and corruption in the IOC. The IOC presents itself as the upholder of competitive and commercial purity in sport.

Well, seeing as Katerina Thanou has never been caught for drug offences but was banned for missing drugs test instead, what do you suggest they did instead.

Certainly over the time in question that Marion Jones was proved to be cheating, Thanou was considered clean, so why should she not get the medals?

PS: Does Andrew Jennings have a new book out?

I will be boycotting the Olympics over Tibet, the fact that China still has a poor human rights record, their destruction of the environment and this.

I’ve seen that story, and, while I don’t care what people in other parts of the world eat, I’m really a bit surprised that the Chinese ski team would not be aware of Western attitudes to eating dog. The story just makes me :dubious: a bit.

But what does boycotting mean here? Not watching? Unless you’re a Nielsen family, how does that even register?

I will be boycotting because well, they bore the piss out of me.

Boycotting by not watching. I don’t expect anything to change by that, of course, except a clear conscious.

Can you believe they will be competing in this?

O. M. G. What time of day is that? :eek: :eek: :eek: :frowning: