I will now reveal the most triumphant anime of all time

It is on right now, and I feel compelled to let all the stodgy older people who have never watched anime in their lives know about it.

My Hero Academia.

Seek this out, it looks cheesy as hell at first, but you will become incredibly engaged. After getting to the 10 episode of season 2 where the series currently is, I realized something. All of you who have not seen this show, are basically like walking zombies, and you do not even know. You do not know the scale of the poverty of your lives, you think I am crazy and you are all fine, but this is how I see you all:
Break those chains, and watch My Hero Academia.

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  2. I’ve read the manga. Does that count?

  1. No, does not count, that’s like reading about happiness. You need to watch the confrontations in all their glory.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that just a Reaper from Mass Effect? What does that have to do with this manga?

It’s a husk from mass effect, kind of a reaper tech created zombie of a former sentient creature. My point was that that was how I see all of you who have yet to watch my hero academia. Empty husks of human beings, you walk the earth thinking you are fulfilled, and have no idea what you are missing. That is what I intend to fix, like Jesus, I am here to give light to the world, in the form of letting them know what they need to watch to be more satisfied in life.

Oh right, sorry, I didn’t read it right. What is so special about this manga?, anyway?

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I have not read the manga, only seen the anime, you just need to watch to catch the satisfaction.

It’s what they call shounen, the kind of anime targeted to young male audiences filled with action. But unlike most shounen that has come before, it is even more engaging and thrilling and satisfying.

It started out great, and it’s still pretty inspirational. Honestly though, the whole high school/ hunger games mash up thing kind of spoils it for me.

Oh that never gets old, there is something primal about those kinds of stories/arcs to me, and I am in my early 30s.

nb4 THAT old with THAT many idiotic posts ???!??!?

I’ve been thinking about it and I realized it might be the best way to train teenagers to be superheroes.