I wish I couldn't say I'm not unhappy...

I just sent an email to a coworker giving them some information about a new client we just picked up. I got this response back:

It took me what seemed like a minute to mentally reduce this.

  1. I wish I couldn’t say I’m {not unhappy} about this.
  2. I wish I {couldn’t say I’m happy} about this.
  3. I wish I {could say} I’m unhappy about this.
  4. {I wish I was unhappy} about this.
  5. I’m happy about this, but I shouldn’t be.

What is that, a quadruple negative? I’d like to know how they even knew what they were writing.

I wouldn’t get not so very non-upset about it.

Me neither.

I for one don’t disagree that with the falsehood of the notion that this shouldn’t be moved to another forum.

All this really isn’t making my head start to not hurt.

I don’t wish I couldn’t not say that I hadn’t noticed this thread in the first place so I couldn’t have to not say that I hadn’t not noticed … uhhhhh … brain shut down commencing …

I aspire to want to be able to truthfully say I’m less than not particularly unconfused by that.

What? You don’t not have a problem understanding this? I don’t. Which is not to say I don’t not have a problem understanding this, but rather I don’t not not have a problem understanding this. I don’t hope this doesn’t help explain.

If this writer isn’t especially good at math, it’s a tossup whether they even stopped on the correct side anyway.

Were I you, I’d drop them a reply along the lines of “Glad to hear it.”

I couldn’t be sure if that’s not such a bad idea.

Do you don’t not dislike not Strong Bad?

brain explodes


No, no, no, no!

Wouldn’t you not dislike it if no one couldn’t explain what the writer didn’t intend not to obfuscate?

[sub](hiding in a corner, arms over head) wimper… please stop now… forever… wimper… owwww[/sub] where the heck is the smilie for tears?[sub] owwie[/sub]

I think you should forget this never happened.

Every time you speak a quadruple negative it makes an english teacher cry.

Somewhere, there is an english-language demon getting his wings and horns, and is ready to possess the next student or cow-orker. I’m not sure this isn’t going to happen nowhere in time.

That is undoubtedly not one of the least benightedly unintelligent specimens of obfuscatory non-communication it has ever been my distinct displeasure never to have been able to avoid encountering.

…picked a hell of a time to give up grammar…