I wish I was a Woman

Well, for a day at least.
Keep my same brain, thoughts and all, just be in a womans body with all the womanly sensations. Heck, maybe even a whole month.
I think it would be a great learning experience. I could finally find out why they visit the bathroom in packs. A greater understanding would be a plus for everyone.

Mostly though, boobies. I would probably just stay at home, windows open, walking around naked exploring myself. Playing with my boobs and other naughty bits.

I am such a man arn’t I?

Wouldnt it be fun?

Any women dopers share the same thoughts? Would you like to walk around in a mans body?

Perhaps keeping the same thoughts and brain would be counterproductive. Have like a split personality maybe, you would be an observer/overlord of the body while the opposite sex personality did everything. See the thought process.
If the other personality started doing something that you were not up for you could stop it, but other than that you would just be along for the ride.

Absolutely. But just for a couple days. Granted, the major appeal of the sex flop would be to be without boobs. (I’m rather well endowed and the prospect of being flat chested is…very inticing sometimes).

And then of course…I’d have a penis. That’d be interesting. I’d get to poke at it and see how much it can take, how boyant it is, all kinds of fun stuff. Bring it on.

Re: I wish I was a Woman
*I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener . . . *
Key word being wiener? :smiley:

It’s at times like this that I think men and women will NEVER understand each other. :wink: :wink:

Oh, normally they’re a lot of fun, Marley. Don’t get me wrong! Other times…like, while playing volleyball, or running, say…or when trying on shirt after shirt only to find that they won’t…fucking…button, then they get annoying. Other than that though, don’t worry, they’re very appriciated. :slight_smile:

Uh, the shirts, not the boobs.

Good to know, good to know.

Anyway, as far as the topic goes, there’s no denying the appeal of being able to know something that you ordinarily can’t know.

I’ve thought about this a lot too. But I’ve also wondered, even if I’m still wired to find the female body attractive/arousing, would I be aroused by my own body? I mean, how arousing are we to ourselves?

Although the sensation of having breasts would be interesting. Though I’d always be messing with them- I have a tendency to fidget and would be doing all sorts of odd stuff when I was bored. Like if my hands were cold I’d hold them underneath my boobs. Or see how buyant they are.

Another interesting thing is that if I was a woman, and was getting stares at men, I’d know EXACTLY what they were thinking- it would be a gratifying thought. I’d act provocatavely in situations where people are having conversations, or trying to concentrate on something, just to see them trail off, or mess up.

You would probably get a body like mine and either be on your period or in the last 2 weeks pf pregnancy. Now THAT would be justice :wink:

Okay, so spill it.
What exactly are they thinking?

(bolding mine)
Careful what you wish for, you’d get the “womanly sensation” of menstrual cramps along with all of your new toys.

We do this to talk about the men, of course. :slight_smile:

Well, I can tell you from my experience… they ain’t boyant, they’re damn heavy!

As far as the bathroom thing:

  1. we don’t have urinals. We only have stalls. It’s not as if we carry conversation while just by shifting the eyes we could see the other’s genitals.

  2. as for myself, if i ever do go to the bathroom with another friend, we don’t talk once we’re in the stalls. Only resume when we are out and washing our hands.

3)Women are more comfortable with that. Men i think, if they are asking another to join them in the bathroom, would right away be called names.

and another thing,

  1. It gives a chance to ask the friend if we look ok, as in: do i have anything between my teeth, or something quite embarassing to have been pointed out in public, etc. So we could fix it in the privacy of the bathroom, and that friend to make sure we fixed the problem right.


The word is “buoyant”.

Thank you. I feel better.



Of course. Because it’s freaking weird. That’s why men are mystified by women doing it. We do realize it’s so that the women can plot against us, but it works out for us, too. While the women are in the bathroom we can talk about them.

I think being in a mans body for a day would be quite an interesting experience. Lots of fun to be had. Although I don’t think my b/f would be too pleased.

were a woman

I understood that when I mentioned it. Im up for it if it will expand my knowledge. I dont understand, therefore I am willing to experience.