I wish I'd been born 40 years earlier.

As in, 1943 instead of 1983.



In his very own “über-charismatic craggy-faced ginger lad from North Dublin with a very powerful and slightly harsh voice” way, he was HOT.

That’s why.

Call me nuts, and blame kellyoneill’s Youtube channel.

If I had been born 40 years earlier, that means 1938. Still to young to bang Jean Arthur. Maybe I could have hooked up with Elizabeth Taylor before she was old.

I’d have been born in 1905.

John Barrymore. And yes, he was rumored to be not quite as hetero as most people thought.

If I’d had been born 35 years earlier (1923) and happened to be Prince of Monaco, I could’ve nailed Grace Kelly. The harsh reality would probably be that I was Prince of Monaco and still not be able to get laid.

40 years earlier. Hmm 1913. Probably would have got killed in the War. NO.

But I would have been born before my parents, so how does it work?