I wish my camera did this..

Surrealistic camera.

The digital cam had been dropped in the water.

Very neat pictures .

Jeez. When I dopped my camera in the water on a white water rafting trip it just flat-out destroyed most of my shots. The few that survived sort of crumbled in from the edges. A little arty, maybe, but not the weirdly colored shots this guy got.

Surrealistic Camera was my favorite Jefferson Airplane album!! (God the 60s were… um… I don’t remember)

It is truly a neat effect.

Spritle, who is considering dunking his el cheapo digi-cam.

(nitpick mode on)

Wasn’t it Surrealistic Pillow ?

(nitpick mode off)

That giant “whooshing” sound your hear… :wink:


…Some of the coolest photographs I’ve ever seen!

They’re so pretty. I wish I had a magic camera. pout

What do you get when you drop a digital camera in a lake?

This thread.

(You’re right, they are pretty cool)

Oh, pooh. Reeder beat me to it, huh? Oh well. :slight_smile:

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Sorry UB, you obviously missed my invisible smilie at the end of my last post. I really meant that with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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Ah! I was wondering why the article was re-linked to…what a snazzy feature!

I wish that I had a camera like that…you just can’t make up those pictures!

Heh. No, I got the sarcasm, Ducky. It appears perhaps I should have used the smilie (but ghod, how I hate those things). My reply was meant to be equally sarcastic, not caustic. Just a small misunderstanding, nuttin’ to worry about.

Phew (where’s that wiping sweat off forehead smilie…)

Big deal, so he has a portable Photoshop filter. :wink: