I woke up one morning and thought ...hmm vaginas

I can do that. How does one possibly come up with a career choice like OBGyn?

What happens is: a poor medical student goes to bed one night and is visited by the Gynecological Fairy, who whispers in their ear “[sub]be an OB/Gyn[/sub]”. And thank goodness that she does, otherwise we wouldn’t have any!

Take this quiz, and see if you have what it takes to be an OB/GYN:

1)Do you enjoy seeing women in pain?
2)Do you enjoy giving women pain?
3)Does the idea of spending your day chatting about painful,irregular menstruation, foul vaginal discharges, and highly infectious sexually transmitted diseases actually appeal to you?
4)Are you capable of pontificating about the miracle of birth as you stand between the legs of a hysterically screaming mother-to-be as she gushes blood and other nasty stuff down the front of your scrubs (assuming you had time to put them on) and onto your shoes?
5)Are you undisturbed by the thought of rolling out of bed at 3 am every third night to go to the hospital to do a delivery for the next 30 years?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, you have a great future as an OB/GYN!

apologies to Anne Eva Ricks, MD!
Seriously tho, most docs don’t get turned on by their patients. To the contrary, a busy gyn practice can really damage your own sex life if you’re not careful! So watch it!!!

Qadgop, MD

OBGyn, hell. How do they become proctologists? Is there a fairy for that, too?

(After realizing the murderous and politically incorrect straightline I’ve just created by causing something about anuses to come into close proximity of the word “fairy”, I’ve decided to let it stand. Be my guest)

Obgyns are the reason why most of you are here in the first place. They bring babies into the world! duh.

Damn! I thought I looked more like my mom’s OB/GYN than my dad! That bastard!

Doesn’t that make you the bastard?


Not to be juvenile, but it all suddenly made sense to me when I found out that my friend’s dad, who is a gynecologist, belonged to a Cub scout pack called the Beaver Patrol.


I had a rommate once who is now in that field. His mother told him that he would make a good Gynecologist (based, I assume, on nothing more than his personality).

Moral: Dream big for your kids.

This is a stupid thread and it’s originator is dumber than, uh, concrete.

I’m closing it.