I won 371 dollars!

Hooray, I won the lottery! Granted, it is a small fraction of what I have spent over the years, the payback is atrocious! But I play for fun and expect my money to end up going to the elderly here in PA, so the small wins are the fun part.

241 of it will go to paying for my AC that was fixed last week.

40 of it will go in a piggy bank.

The rest I’m going to squander!

WOOHOO good for you!

Have fun shopping :slight_smile:

Ppppffffftt. I won 30 million dollars from the Canadian lottery the other day. All I have to do is give them my bank account number and my pin, and I’m rich, bitch!

Oh well, congrats anyway!

fantastic!!! enjoy the squandering.

Squandering rules. Whatcha gonna get?

I haven’t decided yet. I may go out for a nice dinner. I haven’t done that in ages.

Actually though, the main reason I don’t is because I have no one to take, not because I can’t afford to.

It needs to be something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, so I have to think hard about it.

I bet you can get some nice running shoes for that money :smiley:
Or a nice ipod to listen to while you run
just saying…