I won a bicycle!

Tonight, at the local sports bar, it was Thursday Night Football. As usual, for the weekly “Football Night” at the sports bar, they had an array of nice door prizes–hoodies, team-branded glasses, and an NFL QB’s jersey; but the biggest prize was a nice new bicycle.

And I won the bike!

I’ve been wanting to get a little more exercise, and I’m hoping this bike will help me. While I’m not about to ride it on city streets (it’s been years since I rode a bike in traffic), I have some nice parks nearby, and I m looking forward to riding through them.

Though I’ve attended “football nights” at this sports bar for years, I’ve never won the grand prize. Now I have–and I’m going to enjoy it.

Ooh, you are all kinda lucky this week, first the play now a new bike!!
If I decide to shoot craps, will you blow on my dice?

I’m jealous. I’ve never even won a chook in a raffle.

Go well, WEAR A HELMET. :slight_smile:

I will, Beck, but only if you play the best bets on the table–play line bets, and take the odds. I won’t blow on the dice if you’re playing hardways and horn bets, and the field, and so on. I learned craps years ago, and also learned that the only bets worth playing are the line bets.

Kambuckta, yes, my ex left me her cycling helmet, so I am covered there.

Bicycle! Bicycle! I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike…



Nice! Have fun with it. :slight_smile:

Take it to a bike shop to get properly fitted if you don’t know how to do that yourself. Will make riding much more enjoyable.

What kind of bike?

It’s a Giant bicycle.

I took delivery yesterday (knowing I would be having a few drinks Thursday night, I opted to take a taxi; and the sports bar said they’d hold it until I could pick it up with my truck); and took it out for a ride today. What a great bike! I did little more than just ride around the block, but it felt great to ride, and I had fun.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s ride!

How do you reach the pedals? :smiley: Congrats, and I second going to a bike shop to get it fitted if you haven’t already. Although I suppose our riding days are pretty numbered in Alberia.

Alberia. I had to think about that one. If you are facing a long winter with a new bike, rather than letting it sit until spring, you can get a trainer. That way you can ride all winter indoors and when good riding conditions emerge you will be ready!

Enjoy the bike! It is a great thing!

Gosh! Luckeeee!

Nah, take it to a mechanic and get a motor mounted on that thing!

Congrats, even if you decide against the motor…

Do both!

The fitting is the important one.

Spend a winter or two here and you’ll totally get it. There’s a reason Canadians go sun crazy when they go on vacation in warmer places in the middle of winter…:slight_smile: If it’s an mtb I’d also look at dropping a few bucks on slicks or commuter tires as knobbys are no fun on a trainer.

That sounds great! Have fun!

This is bugging me now–there is an ancient Sesame Street skit where one character says “I won/one an* x*”, another says “I two an x” and the numbers increment upwards to “I eight an x”, at which point the other character says “You *ate *an x?” (Might have been Bert and Earnie, with Bert being the (ahem) straight man.) Wasn’t bicycle what was used for x in that skit?

Back when I was sweepstaking, I won a cheapo bike. I also won a shotgun, a nice watch, and air fare to anywhere in the US for two. Went to L.A. to see our Cardinals play the Dodgers, then drove down to San Diego to see 'em play the Padres, and we flew home from there. Saw a lot of cool stuff in both cities.

I forgot to say it, Spoons, but I’m happy for you. Giant is a fine brand of bicycle.