I won! I won! I won the hockey pool!

Yep, we do things fast and furious up here. The playoffs are underway, so some guys at the firm set up a loser pool-- basically ya pick one team that’s going to lose that night, and you win.

We started with 64 people on Wednesday night, down to 11 for Thursday night, and this morning there were three of us.

Since between the three of us we’ve seen about 4 hockey games, we decided to just split the $320 pot and make like bandits while the getting was good. Besides, we all work really close together. If it was any other two people, I’d have gone for all or nothing, but with friends this is more fun.


Watchya gonna blow it on?

Wine, woman, and song, what else?

From your thread title (sorry, not enough time to read the entire post), I gather that they are playing hockey in pools now, and that you have won said pool.

So kick those big toothless men out of the pool, and let’s have a real POOL PARTY! Last one in is a booger!

P.S. - no babies in diapers allowed in the pool, please

Huh. I thought you might’ve won something on the Gophers winning the NCAA championship.

It was great, but the riot afterwards was idiotic. The morons burned a car belonging to a 19-year old girl that works for a Subway sandwich store.

Local businesses started taking up a collection for her to replace her car, but a local dealership stepped in and is giving her a 2002 model year car. (The donations will go to them.)

Nice of them, that.