I wonder if

Kyle [LAST NAME EDITED BY CKDH] realised that his personal sex life was going to get such wide publicity when he wrote Cecil with his question: Will masturbation shrink the penis?
[Edited by C K Dexter Haven on 01-31-2001 at 11:40 AM]

Thanks, jti… we’ve concealed the last name.

Hey, I didn’t get this guy’s name from the headers. He typed out his full name under his question, so I included it online. Some people don’t care what they’re famous for as long as they get some kinda recognition. I wonder if he got any dates?

CK, why did you bother blotting it out in the thread? It’s still listed in the Staff Report. I mean come on, if it’s in the staff report, and the staff report is linked in the thread, then obscuring it in the thread is pointless and adds clutter. Either delete it from the staff report, too, or don’t worry about it here.

It WAS deleted from the Staff Report, otherwise it’d be pretty damn silly to delete from this topic, as you say, Irish. I can only think that some servers got the revision later than other servers. Sigh.

Sorry, I figured out what happened. My computer was reloading the article from its cache. I hit reload.

Okay, nothin’ to see here, move along.