I wonder what Hellestal would say to this.

We’re sending foreign aid to China

CHINA, of all the God damned places on Earth

while we can’t even take care of our own homeless.
Sorry, homeless, sorry Nataline Sarskiyan, sorry all the poor in America, but we’ve got some kids way over in China to think about. Sucks to be you! :rolleyes:

Foreign aid to CHINA while we can’t even take care of our own? WTF. At what point do we as a nation rebel and say enough is enough?

Hmmm. About all I recall about Hellestal is that he’s the economics guy who every so often rhetorically eviscerates someone for pushing the gold standard. A link would help people understand what if anything is the link between Hellestal and the homeless. Nor have you provided a link to the story about China which has so offended you. Nor is there any particular connection to what we do in China and what we do in Fresno. For that matte it mostly isn’t even “we”, since Fresno is mostly going to be a state and city matter while China is going to be a federal one;.

All in all not a very good Pit OP.

Agreed. Glancing at his profile, Hellestal hasn’t even posted on the topic of economics (and China) in nearly a month. And when he did, it had nothing to do with aid to China – his posts appear to have concerned claims about Chinese currency devaluation – his opinion on this topic isn’t at all clear to me. Further, the US sends aid to lots of countries, and gives less to China than do other developed nations; why focus on aid from the US to China?

I think you’ll have to do a bit better than this, Le Jacquelope.

According to this article, the U.S. gave $68 million to China in 2008 as foreign aid.


This article claims that the U.S. gives $65 million to China in some unnamed years, possibly 2010:

Various articles claim that China receives $2.5 billion in foreign aid from various countries, basically more well off ones, per year. So the amount that it gets from the U.S. is about 3% of the total amount that it gets from all countries per year. Also, note that $2.5 billion is about $2 per person for all of China.

I can’t find any articles about where this foreign aid money goes to. Perhaps it goes to the poorer areas of the country. There are still a lot of quite poor areas in China. Being the second largest economy doesn’t make China well off. It’s just barely above the level of most third-world nations, with lots of reasonably well off and lots of poor areas.

$68 million wouldn’t go very far in any case. This is the sort of money that might build a schoolhouse in a hundred rural villages and equip them with books and such. Can anyone find a citation showing what the foreign aid from the U.S. to China goes for?

China has way more poor people than we do therefore their problem is of greater importance. Fuck America’s poor.

We need to be giving billions of aid to China to hurry up their infrastructure building so they can become the worlds super power. Because we all agree on how crappy and evil America is and how we need to stop interfereing with the rest of the world. I know Der Trihs will agree with me on how crappy and evil America is.

I know you have trouble grasping this, but China is still a very poor country. I know, I know…you think they have all those juicy manufacturing jobs they ‘stole’ from America, and that this makes it ludicrous for the US to send them aid (you probably feel that they should be sending us aide), but the reality is that the average wage in China is on par with a lot of 3rd world countries…and there are a lot of extremely poor Chinese, especially outside of the cities.

Dude, get some perspective. If Wendell Wagner’s figures are right (and no reason not to believe they aren’t) then we are talking about something around $70 million. That’s not even peanuts…it’s below chump change. If we were giving them $7 billion dollars a year then that would be in the peanuts and chump change range…approximately $70 million?? That’s laughable.

Well, go out and man the barricades, dude. Maybe you can get all those hundreds of millions of like minded Americans who agree with you about tariffs and offshoring to join you there!


Does anyone have a better cite than newsmax or businessinsider that the US gives foreign aid to China? This (http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2011/tables/11s1296.pdf – warning PDF) from here (http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/cats/foreign_commerce_aid/foreign_aid.html) doesn’t seem to show China at any time back to 2001.

I did other Google searches but I couldn’t find any good cites.

None of it comes from USAID, so none of it goes to the average poor Chinese. Instead, it’s Economic Support Funds, meaning it pays for what some might call propaganda. From the Congressional Research Service (page 15):

Long story short: most of it goes to NGOs and aid programs that aim to make China more democratic, and the rest go to cultural preservation and environmental protection.

As someone who makes a living working for NGOs and international aid agencies, and as someone who outsources a lot of work to people in the developing world, I cordially invite you to bite my shiny metal ass.

I find any pit of Hellestal to be fairly bizarre: he does a wonderful job explaining economic concepts.

Especially when the OP doesn’t bother to link to whatever in the hell set him off this time…


As far as I can tell it’s random generated. For what ever reason Hellestal was the last name he saw, so that goes in, along with the cause de jour, in this case “homelessness” and then a link to something unrelated, along with the obligatory rant against anything Chinese.

I assume everyone here is now on his ignore list.

Yeah, he’s as unstable as a new Microsoft operating system…but twice as entertaining! :stuck_out_tongue:


What would **Hellestal **say? He’d say you’re an idiot. And he’d be right.

That sounds as much like Hellestal, or moreso, than Der Trihs.

And when we run out of jobs to give your developing world people, and our currency collapses as it is in danger of doing, what will you and the developing world do then?

Oddly enough hellestal could not think of an answer to that. It’s not a good bet that you will be able to, either.

…and we come full circle back to offshoring.

I don’t think we ever left offshoring. It’s Le JacAssAlope after all.

I love the way Le Jac keeps trying to put words in Hellestal’s mouth though. Wonder how he thinks that’s working out for him in this lame ass thread…


Rhythmdvl brought it up. I answered him. Got a problem with that, rashtard?

So… when do our jobless and homeless Americans get some foreign aid? Can you answer that?

When will monkeys start flying out of your ass? Can you answer THAT? How about the exact time for the heat death of the Universe? Can you answer THAT? What about the question of when mutant space eagles will invade and start killing off all our rodents???