I wonder what kind of pepper am I growing.

I often grow peppers in a pot, that I can summer outside, and winter inside, for peppers year round. I usually do hot peppers, but this Spring I decided to change it up and grow some Hatch/Anaheim type peppers, for some homemade enchilada sauce once the fall and Winter came around. I had some seeds for those in a baggie and planted them in the pot. After thinking about it some more I calculated those seeds were 8+ years old,and likely dead, so decided to order some more.

I planted way too many seeds for the pot each time, thinking I would pare it down to the best growers later. They started to grow, but I started to notice they really weren’t growing the same at all, and looked like a couple different types. So I went to look at the packet of seeds, and realized either I or the seed company had screwed up and actually gotten Poblanos instead. Not a problem at all, they are great for Chili Verde as well.
But now the pot is absurdly over populated with three clearly different peppers, and 2 of them, I have no idea what they are. None are Anaheims, that’s for sure though.

The Poblanos are obvious, big plants, big fat peppers.

There are also some medium height plants with 4ish inch long, skinny, smooth peppers. Dark green still, no sign of ripe color yet. The look most like Cayennes But i don’t think I ever grew Cayennes or anything that shape. Once the ripen maybe it will confirm or eliminate the possibilities.

The others are very short plants, less than 12 inches tall. Covered in light green nubby little pepper less than in inch long, smooth cone shaped, but not pointy. They are also up-growers. I know I have never grown any up-growing peppers in my life, and really don’t remember taking any seeds from any either. Maybe ripe color will help with those as well.

Those small nubby cone shaped ones sound like ornamental peppers. WAG.

I didn’t consider that, having never considered growing ornamentals before. But you are right, that’s exactly what they look like. That would definitely be some wrong seeds put in the pack, or a spontaneous mutation or something.

Long and skinny are probably going to be hot, whatever they are. Plan your recipes accordingly.

The wife is a little miffed at me. Seems I over-planted (to her). We have filled the freezer with Santa Fe Grande, jalapenos, habaneros, Fresnos and Anaheims. Now the guajillo, Nu-Mex and jalafuegos are coming ripe and the habs and SFGs are showing new flowers.

It’s chili time!

My final results are going to be far different then the original spring plans anyway. I will have nowhere near as many Green fleshy peppers as I wanted from the pot, but fortunately I did realize that was a strong possibility back during official Hatch season and was able to acquire, Roast, and vacuum freeze about 5 pounds of hatches before the season ended.

And with the 2 unknown varieties in the same pot, all flowered at the same time, and the propensity of peppers to cross pollinate and end up with heat in the middle, I have no idea what anything will end up as heat-wise.

Could the ‘up-growing’ ones be Fresno chiles? What you’re describing sounds like a slightly scaled-down version of the Fresnos we have growing in our yard now.