I work here: What's our site like?

We’ve got a new site and so, please visit Uli Meyer Studios and post what you think. Cheers.

The big problem for me was that it was a Flash site. (And a full-screen flash pop-up - shudder!) It’s good web practice to always have an html alternative. You can always make graphics to brighten it up using screenshots of the Flash version (or even animated gifs if you want to keep the movement thing).

And then the pop-up intro was too long and it didn’t tell me anything that the front page didn’t (except that yes, you can do nice Flash animation). And what about repeat visitors? There needs to be a “skip intro” option as well to get straight into the guts of the site.

On the positive side, I liked the graphics and the colour scheme was nice and bright.

It was very cumbersom to navigate the site. I had to use the flash to navigate the site, which was pretty slow. I bet it would be even worse if I had a slow internet connection. After the animation finished, I got pretty fed up after about 2 clicks. I don’t understand why you need a full screen popup to show me the site either. Straight html would make it much easier to navigate. I hate it when the back button in my browswer doesn’t work.

On a positive note, it was a “pretty” site.

I forgot to add that on the information about your studio page, the navigation bars didn’t work for me.

I agree with what is stated above, but I think you should keep the flash site and add an HTML only alternative to it. The flash is very good, and I think that it’s appropriate considering that the company does animation. I love the little intro animation…it’s really good, but IMO there ALWAYS needs to be an option to skip it. (Repeat visitors won’t think it’s cute after 50 times).

So to recap:

  1. Keep flash: It’s very well done.
  2. Put a Skip Intro option on the opening Flash movie
  3. Create a pure HTML based site for those who want info quickly or are on a browser that doesn’t have Flash installed.


Hi all,

Thanks for the comments, I’ll look into the back button problem - the boss has pointed out some changes that need making and there is a ‘skip intro’ button at the root of the site (on the same page as the enter button). As for HTML, we are still considering an HTML alternative, the site is (like most others) still open to development. Thanks.

So I sit here while it chugs through loading the second window (the one you get after you click on “Enter”) and then all it is, is ANOTHER “Enter”? :mad:

So I sit here while it’s chugging through loading the second “Enter” page…And then I get to the menu page and I pick "CGI’ and it starts chugging through loading the CGI page… And then I click on “Silly Six Pins” and it starts chugging through loading the “Silly Six Pins” page.

And then it’s just an information page, and if I want to see the “Silly Six Pins” animation, I have to click on QuickTime. So I click on Quicktime and I sit here for a glacial epoch while it loads.

And then after all that, it doesn’t really do anything? It flicks by really fast. It’s not a “movie”? It’s just a sample?

Hmm… Sorry but I’m not going to add your website to my Favorites folder just yet. :smiley:

I’m using Netscape 4.73, and when I reach the second page into the site (index1.htm), I get a black page and a javascript error-- no content. I’m just a lowly Netscape user though, so take it as you will…

Oh, and I LOATHE sites that use too much flash. Just my opinion, though.

I don’t mean this URL as an insult - it’s just the name of it - but the guy that runs it has a lot of useful information about good site design, and a lot to say about Flash. (He even has a term “flashtrubation”. You or anyone else reading this post may find it interesting/helpful.


Liked the quality of the animations, but the fact that the screens wouldn’t scroll really bothered me. (well that’s not entirely true - the edge of the screen [about 1/32nd of an inch] closest to the scroll bar scrolled, but that was it)