I would like to welcome Jesus Christ to the SDMB

He claims he doesn’t do the Pit.

It sounds to me like you are dis-agreeing with Monty with this description here. It reads like you are describing a typical ‘NDE’.

I agree, it is reasonable to assume lekatt was not meaning to imply that the talking cured the cancer.

Which begs the question: you are personally attacked on The Pit. What would Jesus do?

Now we all know . . . .

The glory always goes to God.

If lekatt were anyone else - i would agree with that reasoning - but he truly seems to believe that you can “wish your way” out of everything - so, IMHO, he is claiming that his “talking to the guy about love and happiness” somehow helped to ‘force cancer into remission’ - just not directly so he can weasel his way out of it later.

Now - if I were cancer - and lekatt was talking to my host - I would sure in the fuck want to get the hell out of there.