I would like to welcome Jesus Christ to the SDMB

I guess talking large numbers of wanna-be suiciders into changing their minds just wasn’t enough for lekatt-now he’s curing cancer!

I was expecting this to be a pitting of the incredibly racist screed posted by “Jesus Christ the Christian” in MPSIMS about half an hour ago, but both the thread and the poster seem to have already been “disappeared” by the mods. Damn.

Czarcasm, you’re getting a little senile if you find that particular post pit worthy. They say the mind is the second thing to go ya know.

But, wait. He didn’t make the guy have a near death experience as part of the cure? I mean, other than listening to legatt babble of course.

So, what’s the first thing to go? The children?

Good thing they didn’t talk about the recession, or his cancer might have went into death!

The children turn out to be the last thing to go.

And if there was a poster with the user name Jesus Christ it would probably turn out to be a fake name, as I suspect most Doper’s usernames are.

To be honest, I can’t remember.

And I missed it? Damn.

Considering how lekatt defines “near death experience”, the person he “cured” might have dozed off during the lecture and had a weird dream, and that counts as an “NDE”.

Yeah, it was pretty impressively bad. Something about how the Zimmerman case just shows the wrongness of race-mixing and an attempt at using Bible verses to justify the opinion.

I think I’ve posted this before on this board; however, at the moment (3:03 a.m.) I’m simply too lazy to search for it. I’m personally convinced that all of the so-called events (a light in the distance, sightings of angels, etc.) attendant to NDE are just that: weird dreams.

Here’s why I think that. When I was about 10 years old, I was listed as dead (aka clinically dead) in a hospital. I saw nothing, had no extraordinary experience other than being revived of course. This was well before all of the exposure the media has given the loons such as lekatt who preach their NDE gospel. So, basically, I hadn’t been educated, so to speak, to believe I’d had such and such experience.

In short, all of the claims about NDE made by lekatt and others are simply bullshit.

Me too. Blood clot in my spinal cord during surgery, “dead” for a minute or two. Did the whole floating above my body and white light thing, but no epiphany, dead relatives, flashbacks or angels. Just a floating sensation, then gasping for breath and back under while the operation was completed. I remember all the details vividly including the panicked conversation among the surgeon and anesthesiologist, but no religious experience despite having heard tales of NDEs.

Just to chime in, when I first heard the NDE mantra – light at the end of the tunnel, etc. – I thought that was exactly what I experienced as a very young child undergoing surgery. No one prepped me for what anesthesia would be like (probably thought ignorance would be bliss for an infant) and it was terrifying.

And to think all these years, I assumed it was normal body chemistry and brain interaction. Live & learn, I guess.

Jesus Christ has a radio talk show in Los Angeles. “The Jesus Christ Show.” KFI radio, AM 640.

It’s actually pretty good.

Is that anything like Jesus and Pals?

I thought this might have been about he guy who got banned today…

Is he actually claiming to have cured the guy? I’m not sure he is. He’s saying he talked to someone, whose cancer later went into remission.

Correlation does not equal causation, and i don’t think causation is even being claimed here.

In lekatts defense, he has not responded to this thread so maybe turning the other cheek is proof he is Jesus

When I was in HS I tried really hard to be a fundamentalist. I didn’t have a fucking clue about anything and STILL shit just didn’t add up. But I really tried. It was the first time that I was actually a part of a group that wasn’t obligated to have me. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds. There were school groups and I had friends of a sort, but this was the first thing outside of school and I really wanted it to work out, for more reasons than I’ll go into here.

And it wasn’t as if things like abortion and evolution and creationism were major issues. I’m sure eventually they probably would have been, but I didn’t get that far. Just shit that came up in bible study – so minor I don’t even remember after all these years. One that does come to mind is reconciling apparent contradictions between the gospels. I remember thinking the explanations just sounded so bogus; why not just admit that this couldn’t be literally true? I mean what was the big deal really?

Wasn’t Jesus’ entire message about love? Wasn’t what he was preaching essentially the rap rabbi Hillel had about a hundred years earlier, just a little less cryptic and maybe with a different spin – not that I realized this at the time of course, but I didn’t need to know about Hillel or any of the history to understand what the basic message was and to realize it could probably stand pretty well on its own.

I especially thought Paul was completely full of shit. I eventually came to understand his motivations and that of the early church in trying to create rules and an organizational structure, but sweet Jesus, if Jesus really was the Messiah, don’t you think that if that’s what he really wanted, maybe that would have occurred to him at some point. Nope, stupid bastard.

At the time though he just seemed like the kind of hard ass that I associated with my old religion, Catholicism, and on some level I think I realized that there was no way I was going back to that shit or anything that even reminded of it. But the real problem was that I just kept asking those damned questions and not liking the answers then asking even more “impertinent” and aggravating questions until I was finally given an ultimatum.

Surprisingly I didn’t really hesitate. There were people I didn’t want to leave behind. People I remember to this day, but it’s not like I had a choice. It’s weird too, because I don’t really have too much of a problem with logical contradictions, as long as it’s an honest contradiction, like with Buddhism. If you point out that something is a contradiction, you don’t get a 20,000 page, multivolume apologia as to why it’s not, the response you get is ‘yes, precisely.’