iCal (.ics) file format question: DTSTAMP vs CREATED

I’m trying to set up my CMS to create .ics files of our org.'s future events.

One question: What’s the purpose of DTSTAMP, and how does it differ from CREATED?

Here’s the documentation:


What the heck is a calendar store? Are these engineers saying that DTSTAMP is a property employed by the event hosts, and CREATED is a property employed by the end-user (i.e., to specify when the app on her local machine first stored the event information on her hard drive)?

Not sure why this is a difficult question, but here you go.

I’m sure your assistance is going to help him out in his problem.

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How can you tell?

Especially since “calendar store” is used in a very specific context here and a google search for calendar store is not helpful.

For anyone curious, a calendar store is (from here):

  A data store of a calendar service.  A calendar service may have
  several calendar stores, and each store may contain several
  calendars, as well as properties and components outside of those

That is one of my many superpowers.

@ Shagnasty.



Probably has something to do with the calendar store.

Here you go: