Ice Cream and Beer Fatalities

My friend has been claiming that if one drinks a whole lotta beer and then indulges in some ice cream (yes, EATING them together, what did you think???) this will cause their throat to clog up and them to die.

She heard this from her French teacher in high school, who said there were several deaths per year in Dairy Queens across the world.

Now, given the high number of milk and alcohol beverages out there, this struck me as odd. Is this really the hidden threat that will wipe out uninformed party-goers?

Say it ain’t so.


It ain’t so.

It has to be bullshit, because you can’t get ice cream in Dairy Queen - they use iced milk to make their sludge.

This is why it’s traditionally a root beer float.

Well, the Guiness-flavored ice cream didn’t kill me…

I was the unfortunate consumer of a (not root)beer float and I lived to tell.

But wait! What about (fret, fret) pickles and beer? Aspirin and Coca-Cola?

If that were the case then the entire state of Wisconsin would be deserted. I did read an account several years ago of a an obese man living in a small efficiency apartment who consumed a large meal of beans and cabbage and asphyxiated in his sleep from methane. Such a scenario could be possible with beer and ice cream, I guess, but more likely the victim would only suffer mild disorientation from not knowing where the ice cream headache left off and the beer hangover began.

Drinking beer does seem to have a positive effect on my appetite. I just got back from the bar and have eaten some ice-cream. I feel just fine. No pr obllllllllllllllllll

I have also personally indulged in beer floats and live to tell. Your teacher was nutso. I’m actually having a hard time figuring out why she might have thought such a thing to be so. Now I’M confused.
Perhaps your friend’s French wasn’t too hot.