Ice Cream Scoop Size

Anyone know what the size of a single scoop of ice cream is at places like Baskin and Roberts or Ben and Jerry’s? I’m interested in both volume and weight. I know that 1/4 cup is the serving size on packaged ice cream.

Weight is going to depend on the specific flavor–some are denser than others. According to several sites, the regular scoop size at Baskin Robbins is 4 oz, which is 1/3 cup.

A slightly off topic bit of information.

I work with scoops a lot in my job as a baker as I use them to measure out standard sizes for cookie doughs I make, muffin batters, and a couple other things.

Scoops are numbered depending on their size. The larger the number the smaller the scoop, as the number indicates how many scoops will make a quart(four cups)

So a #8 scoop is 1/2 a cup as 8*1/2 equals four cups.

Likewise a #16 scoop is 1/4 a cup

I use tiny scoops for small cookies

A #30 would be just a little over two tablespoons in size, and a #40 would be not quite 5 teaspoons in size. For teeny two bite cookies I have a #60 scoop

Isn’t a cup 8 oz? That would make the scoop a 1/2 cup.

:smack: Someone swapped my 2 & 3 keys. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Came to say that…good work madam, at My Bakery/cafe we also use a #100…very tiny scoop!

Back on topic (kinda)…I thought a 1 Pint container of Ben and Jerrys was ONE serving. :wink:


#100? That’s less than two teaspoons! That’s not a cookie, it’s a crumb!:stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve never worked with one that small.

One time we had a dinner to serve, and the person ordering was cheap. For dessert it was to be one cookie. So instead of our usual #30 scoop cookie, I gave them two #60 cookies, to make it look like more(although it was the same amount of dough)