Ice cube stalagmites?

What the …? I pull the ice tray out of the freezer to make a pitcher of margaritas tonight and there, sticking out of one of the cubes, is a piece of ice about a quarter inch thick at the cube tapering off at the top. It’s an inch or so long at about a forty-five degree angle.

I’ve seen this before but I never mentioned it for fear some folks might think I’m crazy. So what is it?

And, hell, while I’m at it, how come ice doesn’t freeze flat on top? It’s as rough as a sixteen year old’s complexion.

Water expands as it freezes. You’re probly seeing ice crystals that pop up from the open surface on top as the water freezes.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

I get this from time to time too, and it’s really spooky. I’ve never seen one a full inch long, usually more like a half.

The only believable explanation I’ve heard is that it’s caused by the defrost fan - somehow it causes a localized eddy at just the right time to suck the freezing ice up into a point.

I can’t believe that no one else has responded here yet …