Ice hockey: "Where the Capitals shoot twice"

I am looking for hockey tickets on the secondary market and have seen several ads that tout seats “Where the Capitals shoot twice!” I’m not that big a hockey fan, what the heck does that mean?

Hockey is played in 3 20 minute periods. They change directions each period so one end of the ice will be near the goal at which the Capitals shoot twice and the other end of the ice will be near the goal at which the visitors shoot twice.

Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought it was the same end every game. Thanks! I was thinking, “Well I damn well hope they shoot more than twice!” :slight_smile:

The team benches are both on the same side of the ice (the penalty boxes are on the opposite side). The two locker rooms (typically but not always) have routes directly to the benches without going on the ice. Since there is a definite home and visitors’ locker room, there are definite team benches. In ice hockey, it is permissible to substitute while play is ongoing. Because of this teams like to have their benches close to their defensive goal, so they defend the goal nearest their bench two of three periods.

In hockey (when played indoors) there is no wind, sun, etc., so direction of play matters little. At lower levels of play which is often outdoors, they often split the third period into two ten minute half periods. In fact, they commented during the play of the outdoor game in Fenway Park on New Years’ Day that the sun and wind weren’t a factor so they would not split the third period.

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I was at the Kings v. Caps game a couple days ago and the Kings let the Caps shoot thrice (in the first period). Ovechkin became the Mad Little Russian ever since.

Final Score:
Kings - 2
Caps - 1

Given the recent news, maybe the Wizards should adopt those ads.