Ice Water Death?

I searched for this question but couldn’t find anything, so if it’s been asked, please forgive.

Can someone die of the shock of being doused with very cold water? I know that I have a moment or two where I just can’t breathe when I have to get under a cold water shower, and I can only imagine that it’s worse for someone who isn’t in very good health in the first place.

So, can that moment of shock be fatal? Has anyone ever died of it?


I would guess that it depends on how quickly you are removed from the water

sudden submersion in very cold water can stimulate the Mammalian diving reflex (from what I can remember) – the sudden gasp fills the lungs with air (ideally) and then the body locks the person’s airway shut to keep the water out. Then the body’s metabolism slows to an absolute crawl. Survival times have extended toward an hour for sudden submersion

the MDR seems to be very age dependant, with the older you are the less effective the reflex, and it does need to be a sudden submersion.

heres a link for survival in cold water – no knowlage of how accurate it is

Just remember, no one is dead until they are warm and dead