Iceland in January?

My recollection is that there are a few Icelandic Dopers around, who I am hoping can give some advice: my wife and I are heading to Iceland at the end of January for a very short jaunt (4 nights*) to try to see some northern lights. We’ll be staying outside of Reykjavik in Husafell to try for the darkest night skies possible without being completely in the middle of nowhere. While we’re there, we’re planning to do a snowmobile glacier tour. Oh, and we’ll be stopping on the way at the Blue Lagoon - touristy, sure, but there’s nothing like a pampered, relaxing soak right after you get off a red-eye flight.

The question is: what else should we spend our days doing? We’ve been to Iceland once before in the summer and did most of the “usual” stuff already. We went as far north and west as the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and as far south as Vik and are not looking to drive that far this time. We did much of the Golden Circle, but are open to revisiting things if it’s better/much different in the winter. We might stop in Reykjavik for lunch on the way there/back, but don’t feel the need to spend much more time there. We’ll be renting a car.

Other things we should look at doing that are winter specific? Things that are within driving distance from Husafell, obviously. What are Icelanders doing for fun in January?
*Yes, I am aware this is a very narrow window and that chances of seeing good northern lights in such a short time is risky. Tough luck for us, that’s how much time we have, so we’re doing it anyway. Bucket list. Cross your fingers for us.

I’ve never been to Iceland, but I understand Tangois very big there.

Anthony Bourdain did an episode of “No Reservations” from there entitled Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, that I’ve seen several times and thoroughly enjoyed. You might be able to stream it from somewhere–Amazon Prime maybe?

The show was reviewed in Iceland Magazine this past June: “When Anthony Bourdain visited Iceland to eat the worst food he’d ever taste.”

This fantastic article appeared in the New York Times a couple of years ago: Iceland’s Water Cure. It hypothesizes that communal bathing is the basis for the country’s happiness. After reading the article, you’ll probably want to try it.

I hope you hear from some local Dopers.

I’ve only been to Iceland in the summer so I don’t have any suggestions. I’m just posting to ask you to report back after your trip is over. I’d love to get there for a winter trip.

No trip to Iceland is complete without a trip to the Penis Museum.

Also take a tour of the Blue Ice Caves

Were you unemployed?

Here is Accuweather forcast:

Of course this is too far out to be accurate but gives a general idea.

Happy to do so :slight_smile:

Well, that doesn’t look great for cloud cover, but there’s no way they could know that this far out, so hopefully they’re wrong :slight_smile: Thanks for linking.