I remember hearing a long time ago that, despite being pretty, icicles on one’s house were a bad sign. I think I recall that they indicated a poorly-insulated house, or something like that.

Well, darn it all, I just noticed icicles hanging off of my house. (I have lived in this house for over five years, and we’ve never had them before.)

So, is this true? Is there something amiss with my house if I see icicles hanging from it? Or should I just enjoy the view?

Sounds logical. If you house if leaking warm air into the atic which melts snow or ice on the roof which drips over the edge of the house and then refreezes. Presto…icicles.
I say turn up the heat and enjoy!

Even the best insulated house can have icicles if the weather is just right. Bright sun can melt snow on the roof even when the air is below freezing. That’ll give you icicles despite having a well insulated house. If you routinely get icicles in some spots, it can indicate that heat from the house is warming your roof.

that’s what i ment to say

If you notice icicles in your attic, that’s when you know you have a problem. :wink:

If you notice especially large ones in one area or a patch of no snow on a part of the roof that is a good indicator that you have bad insulation.