Icky commercial - How to give a jerk back his dog crap

OK, I could have lived without seeing this commercial. It’s the newest one in Haggar’s series of “Making Things Right” commercials. To be delicate, it shows a guy walking his dog while he’s chatting on his phone. The dog does his business and the oblivious cell phone chatter makes no move to pick up the dog’s leavings. While that is happening, the hosts, Pete and Red, are chatting up the virtues of the unbustable seams in the Haggar slacks they both are wearing. Then Red walks over to the guy and his dog with what looks like a garden trowel. He makes a big deal out of how his seams hold while he’s bending over, “way over,” and how his waistband gives him enough room “to do it to it.” “I can scoop up dog crap till the cows come home,” he exclaims happily.

[spoiler] Red then scoops up Bobo’s pile with the trowel, holds his hand out to Bobo’s owner, as if shaking hands, and smears dog crap all over the dog owner’s hand.

What struck me was the graphicness of this commercial. It shows the dog defecating, and people handling a substance resembling dog feces, if not the actual stuff.[/spoiler]

Here’s a link to a video of the commercial for those who still want to see it after reading this description.

Haggar dog crap commercial

Of course, I thought it would make a good political commercial. :wink:

I’ve NEVER seen that one on television. I suspect that was the “viral” component to their new campaign, so unless you seek it out actively (or I’m wrong about it being on TV) you’re never going to just happen across it.

You’re doing their bidding, Jackson.

The close up of the dog shitting is pretty gross. But every one who’s ever found the unclaimed log in their front yard would love to return it to it’s rightful owner in such a fashion.

[Enthusiastic clap] I love it!! Bravo![/Enthusiastic clap]

They’ve stooped to the depths on this one. It’s worse than the girl who farts during the time between her date closing her car door and the time he enters the vehicle on his side. And afterward she finds out there’s someone sitting in the back seat.

Sorry, I don’t find this commercial even a little amusing. It makes me hate their product more than I already did.

That one’s based on an old story.

Damn. Has that been on regular TV?

It was on TV last night, during the “Desperate Crossing” special on the History Channel.