Iconic Western Actor Ben Cooper passes away at 86

You may not recognize Ben Cooper’s name, but his face should be familiar to any fan of Westerns. He did a lot of Western movies in the 1950’s and guest-starred in many of the 1960’s tv Westerns.

My favorite movie is Johnny Guitar with Ernest Borgnine and Joan Crawford. Ben Cooper played a villain in that one.

Thank you Ben for so many hours of wonderful entertainment.


Cast of Johnny Guitar. Cooper is standing next to Ernest Borgnine. Joan Crawford at her best!

Wasn’t he the gunfighter involved in the exchange between Latigo and Jud:

“You hit him from behind!”

“Just as hard as I could.”

I think your referring to Support Your Local Gunfighter?

James Garner played Latigo.

Ben Cooper played Colorado.

I vaguely recall the dialogue you mentioned. It’s been awhile since I saw the movie.

Not one of the major Western actors, but hey, worth an IMDb link. Last listed is in 1995, the Kung Fu follow on series. (And earlier on the original.)

Note really all-Westerns but pretty good number of them.

Looking down the far end, hey he was in Thunderbirds. Oops, not that one. Anybody remember him in this Twilight Zone? (I don’t.)

Five different roles on five different Perry Masons.