IcyHot Smart Relief: Has anyone here used it?

I bought one this evening and used it earlier on a muscle that’s been cramping at night in my lower back. I can’t really feel any difference right now, but if I’m not awakened with a knot in my lower back, I should assume it’s working, correct?

It’s basically a non-prescription TENS unit. I also found the adhesive quite interesting, because it stuck the unit tightly to my skin and yet left NO residue when I pulled it off. :cool:

It might work for some causes of back pain. For spinal stenosis, however, I haven’t been able to detect any benefit.

FWIW, I used it yesterday evening, and did not wake up with back cramps at all. :cool: Because they are so painful, it was worth every penny just to have relief this one night.

I had some cyclobenzaprine, and discarded it when I found the prescription had been filled in 2008.

This zombie is having back pain, and my doctor did give me more cyclobenzaprine, but I don’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary, so I got out this TENS unit and decided to order more refill pads - only to find out that the product has apparently been discontinued! Guess I’ll use it as infrequently as possible, unless I can find more pads.