ID 1970s song: "Song of Love" melody is Baycloven's "Ode to Joy"

OK, I just saw “Conrack.” Anyway, can’t 'member exact title or artist of the song.

Nevermind. It was “Song of Joy” by Miguel Rios.


Yeah he is the pig that wrote Da-Da-Da-DA! you know Baycloven’s fifth.
Pretty amazing guy, not often you come across deaf bacon.

::: Flees:::

WAG: You never read “The Water is Wide” or saw the movie Conrack (1974). Probably too regional a reference. Probably flew over everyone’s head.

Spot on…never read or saw those. I had half a clue that it was a deliberate reference that I was missing but thought I’d ask, just in case.

I got it! Hear that ol’ Death, knocking on the door?