I'D a bird based on call?

Long shot, I know, but I’ve been hearing a particular birdcall recently while at home and would love to know its creator. The thing is, I live in North Dallas in a big apartment complex surrounded by more apartment complexes, so this ain’t exactly wild country.

The call is three falling notes, with a subtle pause between the second and third notes. That’s it, and it gets MIGHTY repetitive, let me tell you.

Any ideas?

Is the last note repeated? If so, it might be a White-Throated Sparrow.

No, it doesn’t repeat the final note. The call is just three notes, all different: high, medium, low. If I’m thinking of the same part of that video, the 1st 3 notes of that sparrow in the linked video DID sound just like my mystery bird.

So, that’s a good start, and thanks for the link!
Is there a free way to post audio clips online? Like a PhotoBucket for sound clips?

You can post a video, which includes audio, to Youtube.
The video part can be a sheet of paper, or a wall, or a cat chasing a robot powered laser beam…take your pick.

Try this.
Also, there are tons of sites and aps with recorded bird songs and sounds. Just google.