ID a birdsong for me, please.

I was just outside on the deck when I heard a birdsong I haven’t noticed hearing before. The bird was apparently in our black walnut and the foliage is too thick to see the bird.

The song went something like: cheeer cheeer wup wup wup wibwibwibwibwibwibib

Any help?

Telling us where you live would be nice. Sounds like a Cardinal tho, if you’re eastern US…

Cardinal was what first came to mind for me too.


I actually thought to myself as I started typing the OP that I need to identify where I am. And then, by the time I got to the end, forgot.

I’m in southeastern PA. Cardinals aren’t uncommon around here, so it’s likely.

The Cornell Ornithology Lab has an excellent website on bird ID, including sound ID. Here’s the entry on the Northern Cardinal.

That’s close enough for me, elelle. I’d definitely say it was a cardinal.

Thanks, everyone!

That’s funny - I’ve been watching a cardinal in our yard all day today (and can hear him singing right now), so as soon as I saw your description thought “Ooh I know! I know! Cardinal! Cardinal!” :slight_smile:

Cardinal bird song audio