ID a Christmas carols album—had both "Nova, Nova" and "Carol of the Fieldmice"

Basic details: I checked out a lovely CD of Christmas carols from my local library, sometime in the last 15-odd years. I can’t remember the title or artist, just that it featured obscure, archaic, and generally lesser-known Christmas carols. Including, like the title says, “Nova, Nova” (from the 15th century) and “Carol of the Fieldmice” (from “Wind in the Willows”).

Problem: I can’t find this album anywhere. Not only does searching my library catalog OR the interlibrary loan catalog produce no results for any album containing both of those carols, I can’t find any album that does on Google, Amazon, or iTunes.

It’s only the fact that I hadn’t heard of either of the carols mentioned above before, and that they actually do exist in real life, that makes me trust that I didn’t just imagine the whole thing.

Other details: IIRC, if they weren’t all a cappella, they sounded like they were all performed with acoustic instruments, and recorded live. “Carol of the Fieldmice” was sung/recited by children.

So…can anyone help me out, tell me where this album came from, and where I could find it again?

I think I’m allowed one “bump,” yes? At least while I have the chance of at least identifying the album before Christmas? :wink: