ID a movie

Ok I remember virtually nothing about this movie aside from one scene. The movie revolves around a train I believe and may or may not be related to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The scene which I believe takes place at the end of the movie has a guy riding on top of the train while it is going quite fast and it is snowing very hard all over the guy and the train and the surrounding area, a really heavy snowstorm if I recall. This movie would not have been made in the last 10 years, I’m thinking it came out in the 80’s maybe.

Not the Trans-Siberean Railway, but it sounds like the end of Runaway Train, with Jon Voight, Eric Roberts and Rebecca DeMornay.

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Runaway Train with Jon Voigt?

Sounds like it could be 1985’s Runaway Train. Though I don’t remember it actually snowing at the end; just cold as frozen Hell (set in Alaska).

Is there any chance it could be 1973’s Emperor of the North Pole?

Both movies had: trains; a cocky, troubled kid partnered with a tough older man; and a nemesis who, although on the side of the law, was one mean SOB.

I’m pretty sure it had to be Runaway Train. Hmm sounds pretty good, might be worth watching again.