ID a picture/painting of a baseball ballerina

There is (or was) a picture hanging in the Empire State Building, somewhere halfway up where the tourists wait in line to go up in the second lift.
(I’ve never been there - the above description is from a friend)

My friend took a photo of this picture and has been trying to ID it ever since. I would like to gift them a print, give them a gift in a similar theme, or at least help them ID it if possible.

The picture (I’m not even sure if it’s a photo or a painting) is of a women dressed as a ballerina, up on her toes on a baseball / softball field, getting ready to pitch the ball. I know that’s a pretty pathetic description, but I’m hoping someone might have seen it, and can ID it for me.


I remember seeing that photo before too, I’ve been in the Empire State Building but not sure if that’s where I remember it. It’s a photo, by Allan Batt. His website is:
And in the spirit of “teach a man to fish”, I didn’t have any luck finding this out with Google. Searched for “baseball ballerina”, “baseball ballet”, lots of different things. So I went to the Empire State Building home page, clicked on Contact Us, that brought up a Frequently Asked Questions search page. Then I searched for baseball, the only hit that came up says:

She’s not even on the rubber!

Too bad she’s wearing a Yankees hat.

Thanks heaps control-z and Troy McClure. I think I’m going to have a nice surprise for my friends for Xmas now!

And thanks for the hints - My googling didn’t turn anything up either, but unlike you, I didn’t think about trying the official website. Many thanks :slight_smile: