ID an Actor?

This is terribly vague, and I apologize in advance.

I am trying to recall an actor, and my mental image is of a terribly weaselly looking guy- very narrow face, light brownish hair, and for some reason, wearing a blue suit. I think he is a lawyer or least a corporate type.

Any thoughts?

The character was probably in a major motion release.

Is he the guy who does that thing in that movie or show or whatever?

Holy crap, you’re not kidding. Can we get an age range, or year when you think this image/movie/TV show came out? A country of origin, even. You have to have more than a generic description of a face.

Steve Buscemi? John Glover? Eddie Marsan?

Well, often when someone asks about a weaselly-looking actor, they are thinking of Rick Hoffman. So, him?

Yeah, that’s who I was thinking of at first.

Well at least we know he had a face! That rules out the Faceless Men from Game of Thrones, so we know he isn’t Jaqen H’ghar.

Richard Belzer

Here’s a picture of Willem Dafoe in a blue suit.

OK, and here’s one of Chris Walken.

I think if we just figure out every actor who may or may not have at some point worn a blue suit in something, we’ll hit it.

I thought it was him at first, but now I’m having second thoughts. Or third.

Yeah, but he’s best known for that other thing.

That isn’t him in that other thing. It’s the other weaselly faced guy that is a few years younger and I believe, despite his accent, is English.

Steve Buscemi?

Wallace Shawn? Although as he ages he’s less weasel like and more avuncular.

Guy Pearce?

He might have worn a blue suit in LA Confidential.

Here’s his IMDB page.

Not very recent, but maybe John Cazale, the guy who played Fredo in the Godfather 1 & 2? He passed away in 1978.

Zeljko Ivanek?

(His character was one of my favorites on Homicide)

No one has gotten it yet, I’m afraid. American, usually in movies (i think) and it seems like he plays a corporate stooge type. Bad guy. I am terrible with age, so i can’t really narrow it down much - 30s or 40s maybe?
Time frame - i have NO IDEA.

I appreciate the heroic efforts based on virtually nothing!

Michael Emerson?

IMDB has a page for Actors who typically play weak, weird, wienies, wimps, or weasels.

But you’re probably just thinking of Ted Cruz.