I'd like a scruples transplant, please...

Because I want to make lots of money off of stupid people, and not feel guilty.

Like these guys:
10,000 dollar guaranteed lottery numbers

They use

to select your winning lottery numbers, using

and if you don’t win $10,000, you get 6 months worth of free lottery numbers!!!


In other words, you pay them to run a random number generator, and if you don’t win the lottery they give you some more random numbers.

So…where can I get that transplant? Apparently, there are plenty of stupid people ready to spend their money, and I want some

A Scruples transplant? No problem! Only $19.99, shipping and sales tax not included.

I especially liked this testimonial (emphasis mine):

Yes. Yes, that is correct.

Not QUITE what I had in mind :wink:

There ought to be a way to redirect spam toward those who deserve it. Someone have NASA get started on that ASAP.

“Do your friends say you’re gullible? We can help! For just three easy installments of $29.[sup]99[/sup], you can benefit from our proven, patented system…”

"Learn how not to get ripped off!!

Send $10 to:

Jack Batty
42 YourASucker Ln,
Schmuckville, Indiana 32121"

Why pay more?

The Danceswithcats helpline is as close as your phone!

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Similarities to other hucksters are only suggested. All frauds implied. Void only where invalid. Sales tax may apply, otherwise use double sided tape. Don’t run with scissors.

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